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Patent Licensing Services- Innovative Consulting Group, Inc. ICG


patent_317x153ICG will present your invention to manufacturers as a viable revenue stream, not just another product “that fits with their other products.” To accomplish this challenge, ICG creates professional, customized marketing materials that invoke a positive first impression and speak to the manufacturers’ primary interests— how they can make money by licensing your invention.


Contact Us (E-mail or call) today to learn more about our customized licensing services:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 1.800.370.6267

  • Our primary licensing services and steps are as follows:

    IP Evaluation
    Manufacturer Research
    Materials Development
    Presentation to Manufacturers
    Dialogue Facilitation
    Negotiate Deal
    For Manufacturers / IP Scouts


    IP Evaluation

    While a concept may be patentable, patentability does not guarantee marketability. ICG delivers an unbiased evaluation of your concept and intellectual property status. We work with your patent attorney to determine your concept’s patent strategy and market strength.

  • Manufacturer Research

    Once the proper intellectual property protection is in place, ICG will extensively research manufacturers that fall within industries most likely to have an interest. ICG reviews all opportunities, leaving no potential market unturned. With our detailed documentation of each company’s invention submittal process, your invention gets the attention it deserves.

  • Materials Development

    Professional, effective marketing materials will be created for your invention. Your customized “licensing packet” will provide each targeted company with the information needed to make executive decisions. The licensing packets are graphically enhanced to give your invention the best first impression possible. Manufacturers have repeatedly told us that we provide the most complete, persuasive and impressive invention submittal materials they have received for licensing consideration.

  • Presentation to Manufacturers

    Upon completion of the licensing packet, ICG will contact the decision maker in each company identified to discuss your invention and submit informative materials on your behalf. Through detailed documentation and continuous follow-up, you will know who is reviewing your invention idea and its status and receive feedback on a regular basis.

  • Dialogue Facilitation

    Submitting inventions to manufacturers is a very “nurturing” process. Speaking their terminology and understanding their situation increases the probability for licensing success. ICG develops a relationship with each manufacturer followed with meticulous communication, thus facilitating on-going dialogue.

  • Negotiate Deal

    Deal or No Deal. The idea is to negotiate for a win for all parties. Royalty payments and invention licensing terms must be kept in mind from the creation and signing of a letter of intent to hashing out the final licensing contract terms among the attorneys involved— yours and theirs.

  • For Manufacturers / IP Scouts

    If you are a manufacturer interested in new products and associated intellectual property, please Contact Us. Our marketing consultants will be glad to provide you information on new products and intellectual property and inventors seeking a strategic partner. We are actively involved with a variety of products spanning such industries as:

  • • Appliances & Housewares
    • Automotive
    • Children’s Products
    • Commercial/Industrial
    • Computer & Electrical
    • Construction
    • Hunting, Fishing, & Camping
    • Government
    • Hardware & Tools

    • Health & Wellness
    • Housewares
    • Lawn & Garden
    • Medical & Hospital Equipment
    • Office Equipment & Supplies
    • Pet Products
    • Publishing & Education
    • Security & Safety
    • Sporting Goods & Recreation
    • Toys, Hobbies, & Holiday Products
    • Technical