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Planning and Project Management for Marketing

Project Management

ICG coordinates and manages all aspects of your project as needed. Our team becomes part of your team. We create the project schedule, work with your existing vendors and staff, recommend creditable service providers and suppliers as needed, and managing the delivery of each phase of the project.

  • Project timeline and milestones development and management

    Dynamic reports are developed and regularly updated by ICG for your review and input. These reports clearly outline milestones and major activities required to implement your project within the desired budget, timelines, and goals. ICG manages all resources and activities within the pre-defined scope, quality, timeline and cost. When challenges arise, they are addressed immediately by the appropriate person.

  • Conducting on-site meetings and presentations

    A virtual prototype can display a product design as a 3D image as a prelude to physical prototyping or in place of physical prototyping. This is especially valuable in the early stages of prototyping and product development for feedback, analysis, and product evaluation. ICG assists with turning your concept into a virtual product that can be rotated 360-degrees and uses this effectively for market feedback in the early stages of product development.

  • Sourcing local and/or overseas manufacturing

    Through established industry contacts, ICG obtains quotes, assists with large and small production runs, and aligns your company with reliable and proven manufacturing resources. The result is a seamless, accurate, cost-effective and timely production run.

  • Facilitation of focus groups, surveys, and market tests

    Focus groups, surveys, and test marketing are powerful means to evaluate services and test new ideas. With extensive experience in technical, medical, and consumer product testing, ICG can plan, organize, conduct, facilitate and manage all phases of evaluating products that at any stage whether still a concept, under development or ready for the market.