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Questions on Product Marketing Services

Business FAQs

  • Q: How does ICG charge for its Marketing Services?

  • Q: Why Don’t We Get Results from our Advertising?

    A: Advertising has changed dramatically over the last few years. You may want to re-evaluate how to maximize the results you’re getting from your dollars invested in advertising or take a totally different approach.

  • Q: How Much Should My Company Budget for Marketing?

    A: Though typical marketing budgets can be industry-specific, a good rule of thumb is a minimum of three to five percent (3-5%) of gross revenues to maintain your business. If you want to get off a plateau, survive tough times, or achieve better results, you have to spend more. Sometimes the key is not how much you spend on marketing but rather how effectively you allocate your marketing dollars. To help formulate a realistic budget for your company’s marketing, we have provided a form at the bottom of this page.

  • Q: Our Web site is not Producing the Results We Want. What Should We Be Doing?

    A: A good Web presence is essential in today’s business world.  First, if your company’s Web site has not been updated in the last two years, you’ll most likely need an overhaul. Second, if changes and updates can’t be made by your staff as needed, it’s time to re-evaluate the site.  Finally, Web sites that were developed without input from a marketing consultant or someone with strong up-to-date Web skills most often do not deliver to expectations. The skill set, knowledge, and expertise of a graphic designer or Web developer are far different than those associated with a typical marketing expert.

  • Q: Why is There Such a High Failure Rate for New Products?

    A: Companies often suffer from a “group think” mentality.  To increase the likelihood of a product’s success, start the development cycle with a diverse team, and, optimally, bring in objective outside marketing expertise. The majority of companies, particularly high tech, engineering or manufacturing companies, focus heavily on product development without sufficient consideration of marketability. This increases the likelihood of costly mistakes, mediocre products or products that simply fail in the marketplace.

  • Q: Why Don’t our Salespeople Get Better Results and Produce Consistent Sales?

    A: Unfortunately, most companies confuse sales with marketing.  Marketing is the creation of the perception of value for a product or service. Good marketing materials clearly convey value to your customers, which makes it far more likely for salespeople to perform to your expectations.  Salesmanship is about presenting a value proposition, created by marketing, for your company’s goods and services that makes it obvious to a buyer that you offer the best option. If your salespeople don’t have the marketing materials and support they need from your company, sales becomes an uphill battle.

  • Q: Why Should We Hire Innovative Consulting Group to Help us With our Marketing?

    A: Most businesses have a core competency. Rarely is that competency in the area of marketing. At the same time, the company may not be able to justify their own in-house marketing department.  Far too often, companies state that their salesperson IS their marketing department. Sales and marketing are very different; sales are the final result of good marketing practices. By hiring ICG, your company benefits from the expertise of an entire marketing department to expertly deliver high quality marketing services, consulting and deliverables - by the hour, by the project or on a month-to-month retainer basis.  There’s no need to interview multiple companies or service providers to deliver a multitude of different services (ie, graphic designer, Web site developer, copywriter, strategist, project manager, etc.). Don’t waste time researching and interviewing to find the best providers of specialty services when you’re not even sure of the questions to ask. ICG has done the work for you.  You’ll get project tasks accomplished in a fraction of the time, at a reasonable price, and be amazed at the quality of the results. Best of all, the marketing you do will effectively translate to your bottom line ROI in the form of increased sales.