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Testimonials for product marketing for small business and inventors - Innovative Consulting Group, Inc.



  • “I have really enjoyed working with ICG because every time we spend money on marketing, we get so much in return. (Our client) was very impressed by the work that ICG has done and I was impressed with the strategy that they developed for our business. I can’t tell you enough of how proud I am of the work ICG has done.”

    Chris S.
    Business Owner
    Engraving Business


    “Before coming to ICG, I had spent over $70,000 on prototypes and engineering which proved to be useless. With the assistance of ICG, I now have a product line being marketed internationally. If I would have found them sooner, I could have saved money and been on the market much faster.”

    Keith G.
    Inventor of Bicycle Products
    Oil Company CEO


    “ICG allowed us to move quickly ahead of our competitors by being a part of our new product development team. They created and implemented custom surveys, gave us valuable information and recommendations that not only allowed us to develop the most marketable product but also uncovered a new market for us.”

    Jessica B.
    Director of Marketing
    National Medical Products Company


    “ICG gave me expert advice, developed my business plan, and created a presentation for investors. Thanks to ICG, my dream is now in the manufacturing process and soon to be in operating rooms nationwide.”

    Lynn W.
    Inventor of Disposable Medical Product
    Hospital Medical Doctor


    “My unique compounded pharmaceutical product is now patent pending, trademarked, packaged, nationally publicized and being prescribed by more than 150 physicians on a regular basis. If it wasn’t for ICG, this would not have been possible.”

    Todd H.
    Pharmaceutical Product Developer
    Compounding Pharmacist


    “I wanted to expand my business into a new market. Nevertheless, after two years, I never seemed to find the time to actually do it. I hired ICG as my outsourced ‘marketing department’. They consulted with me, developed a focused marketing plan and are implementing it. I am amazed at what has been accomplished in only four months. As a result, I anticipate doubling my business within two to three years.”

    Don W.
    Optical Products Manufacturer


    “Thank you ICG for all of the hard work you did for us on our industrial design project. We're still looking through and referencing back to all of the market survey data you helped us collect! The data is really paying off for us.”

    Don N.
    Senior Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager
    International Security Camera Manufacturer


    “I chose ICG to help me with my licensing materials and they did an exceptional job. They created a virtual product and ended up saving me thousands of dollars in tooling and prototyping. Great job on the animation! I was very impressed with the work they did for me.”

    Larry L.
    Inventor of Welding Product
    Licensing Client / Welding Professional


    'ICG did a nice job on the sales materials and branding they created for the UIA. Their people certainly do great work!"

    Carol O.
    United Inventors Association

  • “ICG created and presented focused licensing materials to over 50 potential manufacturers. They secured a deal with a reputable manufacturer for me and we are now co-developing my invention for commercialization.”

    Johnny C.
    Inventor of Lighter Product
    Licensing Client / Hall of Fame High School Wrestling Coach