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Fast Turn-around, Long-term Success

Fast Turn-around, Long-term Success

Our client was a land surveyor by trade and through his experiences he thought of ways to improve efficiency. He created a prototype, but didn’t know if he wanted to pursue the product because it wasn’t his “favorite” idea. Innovative Consulting Group, Inc. (ICG) fully evaluated the new surveying accessory with the perspective of patenting, marketing and manufacturing in mind. The results of the feasibility study were favorable and a product launch commenced.

  • Approach

    ICG created a commercialization strategy for the product idea. The strategy included company naming, product naming, website development, editorials, press releases, creation of marketing materials, pricing structure, tradeshow strategy, product liability insurance, product refinement, manufacturing and budgetary issues. ICG then reviewed when and where national / regional surveyor tradeshows were taking place. ICG targeted a tradeshow two months away for the product debut. As ICG executed and implemented aspects of the commercialization strategy, the client focused all efforts on refining the product design and manufacturing market ready prototypes for the show.

  • Result

    A manufacturing company was established, RuxWorks, and the product idea is now a product line, GPS Pole Transporter™. In two months, ICG executed the strategy and RuxWorks was ready for the regional surveyor tradeshow. The show gave RuxWorks feedback related to pricing, product design and distribution methods as well as product orders. After a full season of selling units through dealers and direct to surveyors, the product line caught the eye of a major surveyor accessory manufacturer, SECO. RuxWorks product line is now owned and distributed by SECO.

    For more information on the GPS Pole Transporter™, visit www.ruxworks.com, www.surveying.com, or any authorized SECO dealers.