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Brochure Design and Logo Design Services- brand, logo, brochure, company identity package

Company Identity / Branding

Your company’s image is your identity in the marketplace. Developed well, image and brand awareness are essential assets that have the ability powerfully to differentiate you from your competitors. The goal is to make your company or product instantly recogizable. ICG can assist you in all aspects of branding.

  • Development of product and company branding (logo, business cards, letterhead)

    With over 20 years of experience, our graphic-design team will create the image that best reflects what your company or product offers. Following a thorough exploratory conversation and a design briefing, ICG will help establish the look and feel of your company. This branding is created in multiple stages: brainstorming, sketching, multiple design options, review, finishing touches, file creation, and additional business-supply designs.

  • Formulation of corporate image campaigns

    It is not enough simply to create a powerful visual image. The next step in the process is to leverage it through an image campaign to make potential customers aware and recognize you through that image. Frontier Airlines’ use of animal photos on aircraft is a perfect example of image campaigning. An image campaign can greatly increase visibility, company awareness, and ultimate success of your company. Our team creates and implements an integrated approach to create awareness for your company’s products or services. We strategize, plan, and coordinate various approaches such as the use of paid advertising, publications and other communications, as well as development of media relations to increase visibility.

  • Design of brochures, catalogues, direct mail, advertising, sales collateral, and packaging

    Using conceptual development, copywriting, and stellar graphics design, ICG can construct, refine, and produce all your company’s sales materials. Whether you need a visually imaginative brochure, attention-getting advertisement, or a detailed instruction manual, ICG creates marketing collateral that optimizes your marketing impact.

  • Enhancement of company-customer and company-prospect communications (newsletters, blogs, forums, audio-visual)

    ICG evaluates and enhances your communication methods to take advantage of the latest in technology and best practices. We do this through strategically planning the direction, creating a plan of action, and then working with you to implement the chosen technological augmentation, creative and professional design, innovative content, and other powerful communication tactics.

  • Conference and tradeshow planning and representation

    ICG maximizes the results of your participation in tradeshows. We provide you with pre- and post-show marketing strategy and plans for maximizing your tradeshow visibility and publicity opportunities. Skilled in developing tradeshow media kits and effective booth presentations, ICG will help you grab the attention of your target audience. Your ICG marketing team is also available to represent or assist your company at the event, thereby increasing your sales opportunities and company visibility.