Why Don’t Women Wear Pantyhose Anymore?

January 5, 2010

This is an excellent example of what constitutes an opportunity just waiting for companies like yours to leverage e-marketing for your own promotion and marketing. If Hanes Alive or any other hosiery company was following this forum, they would find the information extremely valuable. Then again, someone in marketing for the company may have posted this topic for discussion in the forum. The hosiery business has been struggling in recent years. The best part of this kind of industry and product feedback is that the information is free for the looking. Think about how you might use this type of information for your own company.

Check it out at:

Amazon.com Community Discussions

If you are reading this blog post and do not understand the difference between forums and blogs, a forum is an on-going two-way discussion. A topic is posted there and anyone who chooses to log into the site can participate as long as they follow the guidelines for the forum. On the other hand, a blog is a monologue that may or may not allow the reader to comment on what was posted by the owner of that blog.

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