Working More and Enjoying it Less

November 18, 2009

It is difficult for most business owners to delegate, especially when the company is in crisis. The continuing thought is that the owner or manager has to do it because if he or she delegates the task, it will not get done or he or she will spend more time fixing errors. Instead, what often happens is that the task does not get done and hangs around haunting the owner/manager in the pile of TO DOs. Try delegating internally if you have competent staff, if not, you will get through this economic crisis better and faster by subcontracting for what you need done that require a different skill set or knowledge base immediately.

It is time to adjust your thinking if you want to survive as a business today. What worked in the past, no longer is effective. You have probably already discovered that you cannot do it all. Instead of staring at your computer screen, stressed with everything on your list that is not getting done, take action and delegate. You will be amazed at how much faster you will be back in control.

Bonnie Griffin Kaake

ICG President

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