Customer Friendly Web Site Lands National Account

April 9, 2010

Jerry had a tight marketing budget for his company but knew he had to do something different. He had struggled like so many other business owners with the economy downturn. He wanted to leverage what he could afford for optimal results. A new Web site was desperately in order. Though he was getting good traffic on his old domain name, the traffic was not turning into paying B2B customers.

All that changed when two weeks after a site revamp was done by Innovative Consulting Group’s team of E-marketing experts. The site, developed to convey value in seconds, brought a national company straight to him. The company executive who called Jerry, said he was impressed that the Web site gave him everything he needed to make an immediate decision to send all their Colorado business to Jerry’s company starting immediately. That’s business marketing at its best!!! Who needs a salesperson when VALUE screams from your Web site?

To see Jerry’s business Web site, visit:

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