Ditch the Business Plan

October 19, 2009

Writing a business plan is time consuming and costly, often starting at $20,000 at most agencies. It can take up to three months and in six months to a year it needs to be changed. In today’s fast paced and challenging business environment, we recommend an action plan, unless the purpose of the business plan is seeking financing. An action plan is less costly and you will see results much faster. To create an action plan requires some serious thought time, putting priorities in order, in writing, with a list of tasks to be done. Then, it is time to assign the tasks and hold those assigned accountable for completion by specific dates. I know, you are asking yourself when do I find the time to do that when we are so busy keeping the company afloat or working in our business every day. This is where professional marketing assistance is a tremendous help and very cost effective. Especially helpful is the out-sourced marketing department concept, as ICG offers it.

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