Overwhelmed Business Owners

September 22, 2009

We have all had those days and, at times, months when we are so overwhelmed that we do what is easiest simply to give us a sense of accomplishment. This tends to add to the stress level of most executives. It is best to prioritize your marketing needs and then attack them one at a time from the highest priority first. ICG’s clients are amazed at how quickly their stress subsides when the most important tasks are getting done and done well, especially when we are there to expedite the process. It is key to prioritize before starting your work day or at the end of your work day.

Bonnie Griffin Kaake

ICG, President

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Leveraging Social Media for Business

September 9, 2009

During my presentation at the Denver Chamber of Commerce last week, I asked how many business owners and executives in attendance knew the difference between a forum and a blog. Out of approximately 50 Chamber members, only 2 raised their hands. It is time businesses get up-to-speed on how social media can increase a company’s visibility, credibility, and revenue.

I cautioned business owners in my presentations, five years ago, that without Web sites, the majority would be out of business in five years. I am now cautioning business owners that if they are not participating in social media, their competitors are passing them by. A company can start small by simply going to an industry forum and add their expertise to the discussion topic or start a new topic. A blog is usually a one-way communication. Many companies are adding blogs to their own Web sites and posting brief commentaries on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These posts, whether to a blog or a forum, get  noticed in search engines and by your potential customers who are usually searching the Internet before they decide to call you or make a purchase.

Author: Bonnie Griffin Kaake

Innovative Consulting Group

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