Businesses’ Love & Hate Relationships with Consultants

July 15, 2009

Why do most consultants charge high fees and fail to deliver the goods to client’s expectations?  The key word here is “expectations”. A consultant must clearly define the deliverables and the client must clearly define expectations, both in writing. If there is not a clear understanding between the parties, consultant and client are likely to be disappointed in the working relationship and the end results of the project. Often, a client either does not pay the balance due or resents paying for services that did not satisfy expectations. On the other hand, most consultants resent having to do additional work, risk not getting paid, or have to take legal means to be compensated appropriately.  

Therefore, it is imperative that client and consultant spend time discussing the company and what the company’s goals are, rather than simply quoting the project at hand. Choose your consultant carefully, put a mutual confidentiality agreement in place for sensitive information, and speak openly about the project at hand and then listen with an open mind to the consultant’s input. If you are actually expecting a “consulting session” in your first meeting, expect to pay for it, too.

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