As a full-service agency specializing in “marketing department” services, product commercialization, bitcoin trading platform philippines and licensing, Innovative Consulting Group (ICG) has been in business since 1996. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals work with you as part of your team to achieve the results you need.

Business Services

Businesses like yours bitcoin trading platform in the philippines have been growing, expanding and transitioning with the out-sourced services of ICG. We expedite the marketing process for businesses and new product developers. Our clients market smarter and develop more successful new products. In addition, they achieve results faster, more efficiently and cost effectively.

Inventor Services

Give your invention a competitive edge. ICG has the experience and personnel to turnkey the invention process for inventors and optimize the opportunities for success at every step in the journey. ICG assists inventors by marketing patents (licensing for royalties) or giving expert guidance and services for commercialization (launching). We turn ideas and patents into successful products, product lines and businesses.